August 2007 Review

WebSite News

I have had a problem with the hosting people for my UK websites, and I think they have changed their hosting options. I have been with them since I started, so maybe they are due a change. In addition I think I had reached the memory limit for their free hosting option (as part of my dial-up package - yes, I still use dial-up!). As a result these two sites have been added to my Brinkster hosted sites in the US. I have also been with these guys since 2000 due to my use of Active Server Pages, and would recommend them very highly.

Writing News

I have been a bit premature and started on the covers for “The Return of the SixPack” and “The Tale of the Comet,” mainly because I like playing with the graphics (DazStudio). While doing this I have also continued formatting “The Lost Girls,” although everything seems to be going slowly at the moment. Maybe it is the time of year, or more likely, my time of life. Some things don't seem to be as important as they once were. The fact that I have published a few books on my own now probably makes the difference. At one time having a book on Amazon would have been a big event in my life, now I have seven, and my life hasn't changed. So each successive time it happened the excitement waned. Sad, isn't it? But you never know, one might sell a million!

I have attached the final version of the cover for “The Lost Girls.” As I mentioned last month, I have corrected a couple of things and altered Soo-Kai's hair colour to be a little brighter. As before it's a big image so it might take a while to load. I am a lot happier with it, although I am still thinking about Gil-Yan on the back. Would it be better to leave her to your imagination? Maybe I should put an image of Jai-Soo there instead. I will have another think.

I think...


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