August 2005 Review

Writing Progress

I don't seem to have had any luck with the copies of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning Of The End” that I sent out. Mind you, I didn't really expect much, so I suppose I wasn't too disappointed! Never mind, at least I can say that I actually got into print. Please visit and Barnes & and buy one. Then at least I can say that I have sold real books as well as electronic ones. By the way, "An Affair of the Heart" remains my most popular selling book on this website with another sale this month. Thank you Lyndsey.

My computer is making funny noises. Why is it things go wrong in packs? I think it is the fan. It buzzes away for a while as if some demented insect were trapped inside it, then it goes quiet and merely purrs along as if to make a liar out of anyone who heard the dreadful buzz. I've taken to backing up everything just in case, but I suppose I will get some warning, it is only the fan after all. Why am I worried? Well, if the fan packs in, the computer will overheat, and this could do damage. So I will have to be prepared to use it less if it fails.

I have begun to look at new computers. It was quite a surprise to realize that I bought my current computer in August 2001. You can check the Reviews on this website. It was August 2001 when I last spoke about a computer failure. It was more catastrophic on that occasion, so this time I have time to browse around. I have always had laptop computers despite the fact that I never carry them around anywhere. I suppose it stems from my beginnings as a writer. I started with a typewriter and only switched to computers for the convienence it gave me when creating, so a laptop fitted the bill. It resembles a typewriter and it takes up about as much space on the table. In those days I did nothing else except write, so it didn't matter how fast or powerful the computer was. Now I do other things, and 3D modelling in particular requires speed, memory and good graphics cards. So maybe it won't be a laptop this time. The thing is, laptops are often more expensive than tower systems, even for the same specifications. So I might go for something fast with a lot of memory and good graphics.

I just hope it fits on my table and talks to my eight-year-old Sharp JX-9200 printer.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!