April 2018 Review

My Quarterly Blab Thing

I hope you all had a good Easter.

This is the first year I did not take part in Read an Ebook Week at Smashwords. I was going to take part, but then didn't as although I do get a number of downloads when my eBooks are marked down to free, I never get any feedback in the form of reviews or after the event actual sales. So I gave up on it this year.

I am still off work and beginning to accept that I may have to give up work to look after my wife, Rosanna. Rosanna is reliant on me being at home to keep her company and look after her. I am also finding it hard to go back to work as well. I was 61 in February and am now a bit burned out, so an early retirement would be appreciated. But with retirement, the financial consequences are high. I would be giving up a fixed wage for benefits and our savings until I can claim my pension when I am 65. We would still be a bit pushed then. It is a difficult and serious situation.

See you next time.

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