April 2014 Review

My Monthly Blab Thing

It's sad to see that Diesel now also seems to be closing its online ebook retail store, this straight after the Sony closures in March as well. Rather than the ebook online availability growing it appears to be getting smaller. I didn't get many sales through Diesel, but I did through Sony. Regardless of that though I am equally sorry to see them both go, as they both carried my ebooks. I will miss them. I will also miss seeing those links on my List Page.

As I mentioned last month I took part in Read an Ebook Week and like usual I got a few downloads. But I have noticed over the few years that I have taken part in this that it is mainly the books that are on a free offer that get downloaded. Those at half price or higher hardly move, but if it is free it goes. And that is even when the price is hardly more than a USD. I think that says a lot about human nature and the word "free." We all like a good deal, don't we?

My books seem to be having a few updates on Goodreads this month. Or maybe I am just noticing the odd missing cover. Anyway, a bit of tidying up going on with the generous support of GR librarians.

See you next time.

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