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Following on from last month's Read An E-Book Week when all my books were on offer at half price at Smashwords, I have now decided to offer two of my books for free for an indefinite period starting in April. So, from today you can download “A Fine Woman” and “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” at Smashwords for free. Hopefully this new zero price will eventually percolate through to the other online retail sites like Kobo, Diesel, Sony and the rest. Amazon may also price match in time. This is a no strings attached offer. You don’t have to post a review, say thank you or anything. All I want is for you to download the books, read and enjoy them.

All my books are now up and available at Smashwords, and most now also appear on all the online retail sites that Smashwords distributes to. As I said last month, there are still a few sites catching up as the books filter through, and I assume the new price change for two of them may also take a week or two to appear.

Moving over from ebooks to print books, I have learned from a fellow author on Goodreads of another independent publisher in the UK similar to CreateSpace. This is Feed A Read and it is supported by the Arts Council and a couple of mainstream publishing houses. You can publish with them for free and they can get your books listed in UK retailers. This is a good additional option as CreateSpace only really supplies books in the US and on Although they can be ordered from abroad they don't even appear directly on With Feed A Read this gap can be filled. So I am investigating the options available with Feed A Read with the intention of publishing all my trade paperback books with them in the future. I will let you know how I get on.

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