April 2010 Review

Writing News

Well, Easter has come and gone and I seem to have sold a number of Kindle books on Amazon. This may have been due in part to my posting adverts for my books on a number of forums provided for that purpose on Amazon. Although, as I said, these forums were specifically provided for this purpose they really were getting over used, often by the same people, and there seemed to be a general feeling that it “wasn't quite right.” So I have decided to curb my addiction for this and post once a week on one forum only. As there are several of these under Fiction, Kindle, Romance, Fantasy and so on, this should reduce my carpet bombing effect and allow a reasonable space of time between posts on any one forum. The books that have sold most are “The Dreamer,” “A Fine Woman” and “Mind Games.” Although “The Lost Girls” and “The Return of the Sixpack” have also had the odd purchase. Mind you I am only talking about a handful of sales here, not a deluge. But it's nice that my two newest books have sold now.

In addition I have also managed to sell two hardcopies, one each of “An Affair of the Heart” and “The Tale of the Comet.” Hopefully I might sell a few more. You never know.

It seems I may be nearly done with my Doctorate at last. I have had my viva and it is now corrections time. So when that is all out of the way I will be finished at last. And I have actually started tinkering with “The Sullenfeld Oracle.” It must be Spring! See you next month.

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