April 2009 Review

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At last! My computer problem is fixed! Well, it isn't, actually. The poor thing just couldn't recover despite several attempts and is now officially written off. This is the first computer I don't still have. My first suffered a blue screen death and is stored upstairs somewhere. My second is under my chair as I type. It still works, even though it's fan always threatened to give up the ghost, it never did. Both these computers gave me five years each of good service, but their software eventually got left behind. My third computer sadly suffered a few problems after the first year and has only lasted three overall. Now that it is a goner I have received an insurance pay-out and have got a brand new one. Strangely enough, and I suppose typical for the computer industry, the pay-out I got was based on the original specification of the failed computer, not it's actual cost. The result is that I got a voucher for a quarter of the price of the computer I lost, which was a HP Pavillion DV9030 Laptop PC, but ended up with a new one with more RAM, a faster processor, and more memory. I now have a Compaq Presario CQ70 Notebook PC. I could have got something a little bigger, but the Compaq still allows me to use Dial-Up. I know, I'm old fashioned, aren't I? Still, it seems nice, and I am getting used to the keyboard and using Windows Vista.

On the actual writing front, it should be fairly obvious that I haven't been able to do much without my computer. In fact it has been rather strange to be at home with nothing to do. Hopefully I can start being a little more productive, and I hope that means doing something that I enjoy instead of that damned Thesis! With regards to the Thesis, it is coming along. I have done most of the corrections at the University, so it hasn't been left behind, but I am not in any hurry either. I did my Doctorate for the experience rather than just the qualification, mainly because I missed out when I was younger. I enjoyed being at University, and if I manage to finish my Thesis and do get my Doctorate, then that will be a bonus.

I am thinking about creative writing again, but I am also thinking about reviewing some of my previously published books to weed out any errors that escaped the first time. This is possible with my BookSurge published books, but will only be possible with the PublishAmerica ones once their contracts have expired. I am hoping I can then transfer them to BookSurge. That will be a while yet though, and I think they were edited a little better (and by that I mean not just by me!). The last two books in the Friendly Ambassador were the first I did with BookSurge, so I was just feeling me feet in the true editing and publishing yourself process, and one or two errors got away. I want to correct those if I can. I will also think about donating a couple more to libraries (if I can afford to buy them first!).

See you next month.

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