April 2008 Review

Writing News

Not much to report this month. I am still formatting, if slowly and somewhat spasmodically, but progress, however small, is progress. Sometimes I get on with it really well and get quite a bit done. Other times I just can't get out of bed. I think hobbies become less of a hobby when you know you have to get them done. Once this happens they cease to be a hobby and become work. And of course there is nothing like work to turn you off getting up in the morning.

I'm terribly lazy, aren't I?

The thing is, writing can be an excuse for doing nothing for a long while. The reason is that it doesn't just spring off the page as soon as you sit down to write, it needs to brew and ferment in the brain beforehand. And that means a lot of time pondering over who does what, to whom, and why. The problem with this is that it is easy to just think about it, you still have to write it down, and some things are best written down when you first think about them. The number of times I have had a good idea when I was in bed only to forget the good part of it when I got down to the computer the next day I also can't remember. But a lot of my stories came from an awful lot of pondering on the way to work and back again. That's one of the benefits of public transport; you can sit and think with no distractions (well, you could before mobile phones and things began to disturb the glorious silence). So “The Twelve Great Ships” continues to brew. And I sometimes manage to get back to formatting “The Return of the Sixpack.” Progress, however small, is progress.

Rats! Forgot that thesis again!

See you next month.

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