April 2007 Easter Review

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Happy Easter.

It's the holidays and I still haven't got very far with anymore publishing work. Instead I have been pottering around altering this and that on my web pages. Some of you may have noticed the changes. They are mainly cosmetic and related to the change of status with regard to the way you access the stories. Since I gave up on the 1GBP charge to access the second part of each story, I have been slowly taking out the references to this. And as I have now published quite a few of my stories I have been putting in the links to It would be nice if you bought the books, but that is up to you, and all I can do is let you make the choice if you visit. There are still twenty chapters of each story available, so you can still find something to read for free on this website. Also, because “The Friendly Ambassador” is such a large part of my work, it seemed appropriate to highlight this on my Home Page. There are still a few more changes to make, along with a some updates to my sister site at But at least I haven't given up on my site.

As you may or may not know, I do some work for the Open Directory Project, hence the link on the bottom of my List Page. This is a directory where volunteer editors assess each submission. I have been doing this for a few years, editing the categories for Online Reading and Mixed Genre Fiction in Online Writing (I think that makes me a mozzie). The directory is constantly monitored and updated, and it is sometimes sad to see websites that you have become familiar with fall into disuse, or be hijacked for porn once their domain names have expired. Running a website is costly as well as time consuming. You have to pay for your domain name and then pay for hosting of that domain name on servers where your files are kept. Doing it for free usually means you get adverts everywhere and you are likely to have less control of things. The best way is to go with a reputable hosting provider and pay. It means you have to persevere. Hopefully I will be able to keep this site going. In May I will have been doing this for eight years, and I have six domain names to keep fed and watered based on two hosting providers:

Brinkster, who is my main hosting provider, I pay a monthly fee to for a professional package. Breathe I also use as my internet service provider, and I have a 'pay as you go' arrangement with them. I use the internet a lot, so it seems to work out okay. However, I think this hobby got out of hand a long time ago.

Writing News

Although nothing has changed on the publishing front since last month's review, I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know what I intend. At the moment it is “The Dreamer” that I am looking at publishing next. As this story started out as a monthly episodic short story serial it has always been accessable for free, so the delay in getting it formatted and submitted for publication seems appropriate. So for a little while longer it can still be read totally for free. Just access it through the List Page.

My intention is to publish my remaining stories in the following order:

  • The Dreamer
  • A Fine Woman
  • Mind Games
  • The Lost Girls
  • The Return of the Sixpack
  • The Tale of the Comet

All this depends of course on my dealings with my publisher, BookSurge, who seem to be very agreeable to my submissions. Well, I try to do as much of the work myself (editing, formatting, covers), and I do still pay for the privilege. For the last three stories I will need to do some extensive editing, mainly to fit in with events in the four “Friendly Ambassador” books. I will also have to bite the bullet with regard to “The Twelve Ships.” This is one of the reasons why I have left these three stories to the last. Like “An Affair of the Heart,” “The Dreamer,” “A Fine Woman,” and “Mind Games” will produce relatively small books (less than 200 pages each), so I might consider grouping them together as one book with a common theme: “Extreme Women.”

What do you think?

I hope you all have a nice Easter. And please continue to pop in and have a look around.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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