April 2005 Review

Writing Progress

Writing this month has been limited by my project work at University. Anyway, that's my excuse. It feels a little strange being at University at the age of forty-eight, especially as I have a requirement to take management and technical modules as part of my PhD. That's because it is an Engineering Doctorate - I think I have mentioned that before - so it has some additional management taught subjects. This last few weeks has seen me take two exams and hand in coursework, all a little bit strange since the last time I did anything like that in real earnest was back in 1980. Mind you, I did do a little bit in 1998 for my Masters Degree, but that was also a bit strange. I think it is mixing with all those young people who are still full of the new joys of life while I have already been beaten down by that very same life.

Ah, well...

The publication of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning Of The End” is set for 21st May. In anticipation of this I have created a new web page at to supply information on the book. It includes all sorts of things, from images used on the front and back cover, a synopsis of the story (with some spoilers, but not many, so be warned), a list of principal characters, a guide to the aliens in the story and an explanation of the Ring Network system. Pop over and have a look by clicking on the link above. As the domain name may take some time being registered, it will be best to use this link for a while.

To order the “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning Of The End” you can click on either the PublishAmerica logo or the Amazon logo below, or by clicking on the text links below each logo. There is also another link to PublishAmerica at the bottom of the page.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!