April 2004 Review

Web Page Progress

Again, no changes to report, except for some minor changes to the layout of the List Page. As things are more or less settled after all this time, I may make this section of my monthly reports optional, and call it Web Page Changes when it appears. That way I only need to bring it up when I change anything. Aren't stability and routine just other words for boring?

Writing Progress

Still no Short Stories this month, and “The Friendly Ambassador” is still being converted to HTML. As you may have guessed I couldn't resist some minor tweaks while making the change. So I've moved a few things back and forth from the epilogue and the last couple of chapters. Of course that's just my excuse for not having it up on the List Page yet, but be patient.

As I mentioned last month, I have removed “The Curfew” from the Short Story Serial section. Instead I have placed the first part of the story in the Short Story section as a self contained one-off story. I may still use the remaining parts for another separate and unrelated story but with the same curfew setting. “A Fine Woman” remains unchanged at the moment. It is still my intention to finish this serial first. Then I will begin adding some more.

“The Friendly Ambassador” should be up in a couple of weeks, so keep visiting to see what's going on. And remember, let me know what you think.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!